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Helena Mang

(Picture: Jüri Kartul)

Who is Helena Mang ?

She is a mother, daughter, sister, wife, colleague and athlete. All of them are interconnected and complement each other. For us, however, Helena is above all a great role model, a healthy food enthusiast and a person who motivates others to make better choices! 🤍

Helena's achievements:

10. IFBB Elite PRO Bikini in 2019 (MM)
2019 IFBB Belt and Road Pro Show Silver Medalist

Estonian champion in bikini fitness
Estonian cup winner in bikini fitness
World Championship bronze medalist
European Championship bronze medalist
Multiple Latvian Open Championship winner

Silver medal of the Nordic Championships
Amateur Olympia bronze medal
Diamond Cup Milan silver medal
8th place in the bikini fitness world ranking (2017)

Helena from us:

I remember Njom already 4-5 years ago, when functional foods were rather a rarity on the Estonian market. The first ones that come to mind as pioneers are the NJIE protein puddings, which tasted great and were completely sugar-free. It was still a rarity - to find something that is figure-friendly in terms of calories and at the same time does not compromise on taste. Win, win!

Today, of course, these "favorites" have been added to Njom's selection in large numbers, and with each new added brand there is a slight wow effect. Every time I think that the products can't get any better/tastier/healthier and then boom! Again, something I never expected/wanted.

At the moment, the favorites are definitelyNicks' recently updated look & content protein bars , waffles and chocolates , and I'm looking forward to adding to the ice cream family as well (I've seen/heard that there is hope soon!).

I am also happy about NORR functional drinks - there are still too few sugar-free options on the market. And these drinks are not just sugar-free, but also very refreshing, tasty, with vitamins & caffeine-free (yes, sometimes that's a plus!).

I don't live a completely 100% sugar-free life, it's just not possible in the current (commercial) situation. Moreover, wherever possible, I avoid added sugars.

The products in the Njom range make life so much easier - with Nicks sugar substitute , you can very successfully prepare any food, bake cakes, etc. Stevia drops can be used to make natural dairy products, iced coffee, or why not your morning latte sweeter without any additional calorie consumption.

And if the classic "sweet tooth" still bothers you, 1 small chocolate ( Nicks crunchy caramel is simply the best!) will save the day. Sugar-free sweets do not affect blood sugar, and after some sweets, you will feel that your appetite cannot be satisfied in any way. The high protein content in the bars also contributes to the feeling of fullness. Most importantly, there is no unpleasant/heavy feeling in the stomach after eating.

As well as being delicious (which is very important!) Njomi's range of products also have impressively short ingredient lists. No added sugar, no palm oil, often gluten-free. Everything you really need and nothing to "just fill in".

When making choices regarding nutrition, you can't always be 100% based on the price - it's worth thinking about what ingredients are hidden inside a scary cheap product. 

I've always thought that the body is like a car and food is fuel, only in high quality!

Helena Mang
IFBB Elite PRO Bikini

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