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Father-in-law Abner

Who is Kaisa Abner ?

Kaisa is a successful bikini fitness athlete, coach, judge, educator. and an entrepreneur.

Kaisa's neck is decorated with several medals, and the top of the cabinet is decorated with trophies - all earned with honor and consistent self-improvement.

She has worked as a trainer for many years, competed in bikini fitness for 5 seasons, earned several titles as an athlete and completed various coaching and nutrition courses.

However, Kaisa's real passion and mission is to share her knowledge and experience with other women.

Kaisa has long been a fan of our products:

Oppapaaa - I don't really remember, it's been years. As soon as Njom came to market essentially. Since I have been trying to keep added sugar away from my diet for years, the products on the njom.ee page immediately appealed to me. Let's be honest - there aren't many products on the market whose taste doesn't suffer if sugars are removed. I haven't been disappointed with Njom's choice so far, and that's why our cooperation has been able to work for a long time. 


Kaisa's favorites:

Undisputed favorites are, of course, Halo Top ice creams - well, really. Eating ice cream, making a mold at the same time and not compromising on taste, seems completely counter-logical, right? But possible. Most of the time, when eating other figure-friendly ice creams, the taste has suffered so much. Halo Top is a sure go!

And Nicks bars, the most favorite of them is still good old peanuts'n'fudge (sugar-free Snickers in my opinion) and crunchy caramel (figure-friendly Daimi chocolate) has also established itself as a new favorite. Once again, it's phenomenal that you can enjoy your favorite sweets guilt-free. Say no more!

Oh, flavor drops - okay, no doubt here. Cookies & Cream flavor drops have a definite place in my coffee. An old favorite and absolutely irreplaceable. I literally have it in every bag pocket. I like sweet coffee, but I'm happy to leave the calories to others ;) 


Why Njom:

The fact that I can actually indulge in guilt-free sweets and I don't have to compromise on taste. And since sugar substitutes do not cause blood sugar to fluctuate, i.e. do not cause a new hunger for sweets, I eat the chocolate and my sweet tooth is satisfied. I won't be looking in the closet again for a while. It was simply not possible before. Whenever I used up sweets, I couldn't stop until all the sweets in the household were gone. NO SUGAR! 


Why do I think njom products are better alternatives to others? 

Since my priority is to keep my health and look like a million dollars while doing so, I do everything I can to make sweets as figure- and health-friendly as possible, and njom's product range perfectly supports my goals. 


Does Kaisa practice a completely sugar-free lifestyle:

I will never say NO to anything, including sugar, because let's be honest - sugar can be found in almost all foods and it is basically impossible to completely exclude them, BUT I can say that I avoid added sugars as much as it is possible to do it in a healthy way. 


Father-in-law Abner

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