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Karin Pozhidayev (Larven)

Who is Karin Pozhidayev (Larven)

Karin is a Youtuber, content creator, hobbyist, dog owner and wife. Karin's happy mood and upbeat content have brought her a large following who are very interested in her life and activities.

Karin from us:

A healthy diet does not always have to mean that you set strict limits for yourself, value an unrealistically thin form and absolutely avoid your favorite foods. Rather, the goal of healthy eating for me is feeling good, strong health and a happy mood.

It seems that for every expert who tells you that a certain food is good for you, you can find another expert on the internet today who claims the exact opposite. It has always been important for me to listen to my body, appetites and feelings and make decisions based on that.

Of course, I also want to eat chocolate, potato chips, tarts and other junk from time to time. And often I allow myself that. But for daily snacks, I've still tried to find healthier alternatives. Through my searches I finally came across Njom 's page and Nick's bars which have no added sugar, palm oil or gluten. My first thought - too good to be true.

I have been a fan of Njom products for a little over a year now. I discovered them purely through social media and was extremely surprised when I finally got to try their Nick's bars. Instead of the usual dumb protein bar, these taste experiences were much richer and truer. I felt like I was eating "real" chocolate - the junk I craved. Mental satisfaction was guaranteed, and at the same time I could also be sure in terms of physical fitness that I was not doing too much for myself and my health by consuming Njom products.

However, I still do not practice a completely sugar-free lifestyle. If it suits you, I am very happy for you. However, I like to think that no food is off-limits or that I have to give up something for the rest of my life. Balance is the key for me. For a person who wants to take the first steps towards a healthy diet, I would also recommend starting with reducing the portions of unhealthy food and eating less often. If it becomes normal, then you can already introduce alternatives and reduce junk from your life. It's not worth being too hard on yourself, setting unrealistic goals or punishing yourself if sometimes the choices are not the healthiest.

I would also recommend my favorite products from the Njom range to everyone, which will definitely make your healthy eating journey easier. It's hard to choose the most favorite product from the Njom assortment, but at the moment I'd say it's Nick's Soft Toffee bar - the perfect sweet bomb for a caramel lover. The soft toffee flavored cream is like a hammer to the nail head for those who generally feel like they want to eat several chocolates at once. The Soft Toffee bar has only 110kcal and I feel that it is the perfect snack to satisfy the sweet tooth in the evening.

Another big favorite is the cola-flavored gummy bears from the Free From Fellows range.

Karin Pozhidayev
Youtuber, content creator

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