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Laura Lokotar - Achievement lies in effort

Laura Lokotar

Multiple Estonian and Baltic champion in athletics.

I have been involved in athletics for 10 years. Before that, I was involved in, for example, tennis and dancing. More specifically, I am involved in the five- and seven-point competition. I like it because it is exciting and interesting - you can work in different fields. In athletics, my favorite events are high and long jump and hurdles.

I am a multiple Estonian and Baltic champion. I got into athletics thanks to my tennis coach, who thought I could develop my speed and strength there. Meanwhile, I was involved in both athletics and tennis, but from there I smoothly switched to only athletics. In addition to that, my mother has also been involved in athletics (that's where part of the interest to try it came from).

In the beginning, my goal was to beat his records - I quickly succeeded. When I started, I was rather at the back of the competition, but I didn't give up and worked hard to get to where I am now - I'm very proud of that.

Doing athletics has given me a lot of self-belief, self-confidence, persistence and a lot of cool new acquaintances!

About Laura's diet

There are many opinions that a healthy diet means a boring and one-sided meal and giving up your favorite foods - but that's not the case! In fact, this means that you should eat in a variety of ways and exactly as much as your body needs at the moment.

I would like to point out some interesting and surprising myths about nutrition that are not actually true.

  • fats are harmful and should not be eaten at all - in fact, fats are very necessary for the normal functioning of the human body
  • curd is healthy and you can eat as much of it as your heart desires - all things should be eaten within reasonable limits and the diversity of the menu should be observed
  • you can get rid of extra kilos in the sauna - the weight will be restored later while drinking the liquid

When it comes to my own experiences, I usually try to choose a healthier option. But it has also happened that for several days in a row the food is rather unhealthy and one-sided. I myself have never forbidden or restricted the eating of any food, but I try to eat everything in reasonable quantities.

I know that many people try different diets to improve their nutrition and lose weight. I myself have not tried any such diet. But there was a period when, just out of curiosity, I wrote down all the food I ate and the calories I got from it. It was quite interesting and gave a good insight into my diet. Thanks to this, I was able to make some corrections so that I could get all the necessary nutrients and vitamins from food.

Being used to the fast pace of life , Nick's protein bars are ideal companions, whether in between lectures or before/after training. But here it is important to note that they do not replace a large meal, but are simply a tasty snack. Their bars are really very tasty, mimicking other well-known chocolates, and as a bonus, there are no added sugars or palm oil - a win-win situation.

I've tried many different bars, but Nick's have turned out to be my favorite because of their taste (you don't get the protein aftertaste that many other bars have when you eat them)!

So eat a varied diet and be active, so your body will be happy and satisfied!

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