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Lili Liinev - Towards a better life with yoga

Lili Liinev

Yoga enthusiast and journalism student.

I remember that I actually had my first contact with yoga already in the second/third grade of elementary school. A little on the example of my mother, a little influenced as a young girl by the fact that all yoga trainers are mostly very thin, feminine and beautiful-looking. I hoped to become the same. After the first tests, I realized that it is still a terribly boring exercise for a pubescent boy.

However, I have always believed in new possibilities, and so years later, yoga came back to me. This rediscovery happened for me in 2020. Like many others, the emergency situation had taken quite a toll on me mentally, and having COVID had taken a toll on me physically as well. Social anxiety kept me from returning to group training, anxiety had started to control my life altogether, and even walking up a flight of stairs was physically short of breath. I started looking for solutions, and one of the solutions was an online yoga training I found on the internet, which promised to reduce anxiety, stress - in short, it seemed exactly perfect. The goal was to do 30 minutes of yoga every day for three months, it seemed like science fiction, but by that point I was already so desperate that I was ready to try anything. Miraculously, it didn't even take three months, but I noticed changes in the first couple of weeks.

First, the fear of training began to disappear, then self-confidence returned, I began to feel that every time I did yoga, my anxiety seemed to have disappeared - these were tiny steps, but as I continued to practice, these tiny steps were added every week. After three months, I was enthusiastic about yoga, I signed up for the first group training that took place locally, and to this day I practice yoga weekly in different studios or at home, just as I feel good.

At some point, it started to seem very strange to me that I put so much emphasis on improving the condition of my mind and body, and at the same time, before and after training, I indiscriminately eat whatever the emotion of the moment approves. I realized that yoga is also a lifestyle in a sense and you cannot expect good results in yoga if some aspect of your lifestyle does not support this development. I have never been of the opinion that we should deny ourselves any food. Especially if it gives us positive emotions. However, I have always been of the opinion that healthier alternatives should be chosen if possible.

I came across Nick's products when I started to monitor my food choices more. And since I'm a big sweet tooth, the first step was to replace bars, ice creams and other sweets. I believe that small changes in lifestyle can lead to big changes in how we feel. I experienced this myself both by starting yoga and by gradually making corrections in my diet. If you also want to start your own journey, I recommend checking out, for example, Nick's 'Coconut' and 'Crunchy Caramel' chocolates or Nick's chocolate wafers - because these sweets together with yoga were my first step towards feeling better! ;)

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