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Recipe: Cookie cake - Kärolin Vallimäe

Cookie cake is the dessert that brings back nostalgic memories. Let your taste buds wander and treat yourself and your loved ones to a healthy cookie cake made by yourself. This guilt-free cake will make you want to gobble it all up on your own, but share a piece with a friend, too. It's just so good it has to be shared!

In addition to the fact that a cookie cake is easy to make, it is also a sure thing. Nothing can go wrong. It can only get better, especially if it doesn't contain a single gram of regular table sugar, but Nick's products meet in the cake instead . Take a look at the recipe prepared by the nutrition coach and start making room in the fridge, because you want to eat this cake!



  1. First, prepare the raw jam. To do this, place the berries in a bowl. If you use frozen berries, pour hot water over them and let them thaw for about 15 minutes.
  2. When the berries have melted, pour the water into another bowl, you will need it later. Add 2 tablespoons of Nick's natural sweetener "Use like sugar" to the berries and puree with a fork or hand mixer into a jam.
  3. Then add 500g of curd to the bowl and flavor it with about 10 drops of vanilla stevia. Mix and add a few more drops if necessary.
  4. Dip the cookies one at a time into the berry liquid and place them on a tray

on a cake plate as a 4×4 square cake. If you use fresh berries or ready-made raw jam for jam, place 1 tablespoon of jam and half a mug of water in a bowl to soak the cookies and mix.

  1. Spread curd on the first cookie layer, jam on the second and all the remaining curd on the third. Cover the edges of the cake with curd as well.
  2. Now chop Nick`s caramel protein bar.
  3. Decorate the cake with strawberries, blueberries and bar pieces, add some mint leaves if you wish, and let the cake stand in the fridge for a few more hours before serving.
  4. Get your friends together and enjoy a healthier version of the good old cookie cake together!
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