Lohilo started one day after training. We realized that munching on ice cream after a workout is probably not the most sensible thing to do. Today the Lohilo ice cream range is available in retail chains across Estonia!

From this moment on, we will constantly work to change reality in any way we can. Strong will made us more or less the first in the world to produce protein ice cream. And as you can imagine, ice cream lovers that we are, we couldn't settle for anything but good nutritional value.

Creating products that are truly delicious is just as important to us.

This is our LOHILO DNA and it is constantly changing: changing reality through our products.

To enable enjoying life to the fullest - without abandoning the principles of health and an active lifestyle.

Very FAB! Welcome to the company, ice cream lover!

There is always room in our family for all gang fans, world champions, insta-gurus, sales geeks, students, food scientists and so on…! <3

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